Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to YOU!

 So those of you who know me know know that I LOVE Christmas but I used to
be even more Christmas crazy "back in the day." How many 6th graders do you know that
love to write Christmas cards and by 7th grade all the waythrough high school-might write, address, stuff, seal and send all your family Christmas cards, needless to say I think my mom loved it because
she had a break from that chore.  I also loved to write poems back then and for a few years I
would send a poem in the family Christmas card.  In all the craziness of packing and moving
, I stumbled upon a few of my old poems.
So enjoy! (Remember I was a middle schooler so go easy on me :) and Merry Christmas!!

The First Christmas

The dark of night
a stable site
a young couple traveling far
underneath the Christmas star
Looking for a little bed
for their babies sleepy head
The inn keeper saying
Don't plan on staying
there's no space
but this small manger place
The humble donkey, the friendly goat
lying in their pens eating up their oats
The straw, the hay
that first Christmas day
Little Jesus lay in his bed
no blanket for his back
no pillow for his head
This little babe on his great birth
has come to be the Savior of the earth
Even knowing his later pain
but for us eternal life to gain
 So when it is that merry day
Remember Christ Jesus who laid in the hay.

As Santa Claus Flew

As Santa Claus flew through the Christmas sky
Something small and bright caught his eye

It looked as though it was a Christmas star
And down came St. Nick from afar

He saw a little babe in the manger place
and Mary and Joseph with smiles on their face

Then he remembered what he almost forgot
The King, the Savior who loved him a lot

So Santa knelt at the little manger bed
he looked at the babe and he bowed his head

And thanked the Lord for that merry day
For sending Christ Jesus who laid in the hay

And Santa Claus shouted as he rode out of sight
"Glory to the Newborn King, this cold Christmas night!"

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