Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is it Spring Yet?

I'm ready to see these again...

do you remember these? flowers...magenta, blue, pink, yellow, peach, green...these are the colors I am ready to see, no more
gray, white and dirty.

There is a week in February every year ( a few weeks ago) that I tell Peter "I want to/have to move to California, maybe even by tomorrow."

After a few years of being married we realized it was about the same week in winter, in February that my winter blues were at an all time high, "didn't we have this conversation last year?"

Then by March it starts getting better, warmer, more spring like, by April my tulips are even starting to stick up a little, by May I've forgotten about our moving plans and Minnesota is a great place to live again and why would I ever want to move to California.

It's been warm the last few days, how many of these 36 degree days do you think it will take to melt
all this sloppy white stuff outside otherwise known as snow?

Will there be no snow on the ground by the end of March?

What do you think?

Please tell me it'll be gone or I might have to move to California...
or at least fuss about it again this year.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sound Sleeper or Need Sound Machine?

I wish I wasn't addicted,
addicted to sound- that is, when I'm sleeping.
I wish I could be a "sound sleeper" but instead I need a sound or constant white noise to help me sleep.

For years I used a fan and the gentle buzzing of the fan would be just enough to lull me to sleep,
with out the fan I can hear every little sound around MAGNIFIED.

And say perhaps someone that might sleep in the same room, not naming any names or anything...
happens to snore-- to someone that needs white noise, well that snore sounds like a car alarm going off in my calmly sleeping brain with out the muffling buzz of white noise.

Well as you know fans are more for summer like temps and my poor better half was noticing how freezing cold our room was getting each night, especially with the cold winter we've been suffering through, so he took it upon himself to buy me a little present.

My very own alarm clock sound machine.  How romantic, seriously! That's love.
Sadly there was no white noise, black and white buzz on the TV, fan like sound.

Instead I can chose from chirping crickets and mosquitos on a summer night so I can wake up swatting myself,
or ocean waves so I can have surfing dreams or shark attacks,
thunder storm which sounds a little more like one of those heart beat monitoring machines,
a rain storm which normally I love to hear that in the summer but all night it just makes me have to pee, and last but not least waterfall.

Surprisingly, the waterfall sounds more like a white noise fan then a tropical vacation
so I found my match!
 I can sleep soundly and
Peter is no longer freezing.