Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cristina and Ryan's Wedding

This seems like the blog of weddings... second post in a row about weddings. I promise my next one will be about something different like shoes, or movies, or the president, or the world...but for now it's weddings.

Congrats to my cousin Cristina and her new husband Ryan. Two music teachers getting married equals great wedding music and creative seating chart (which you will see later).

Your wedding was such a great time and it was lovely to have the "fam" together all in one place.

Here are some wedding highlights!

Driving to Chicago- 7 hours to go
(doesn't Peter have crazy hair :) hehe)
Sami is hitching a ride with us. She does have her permit, but we are not going to let her practice.
Grooms dinner enjoying true Chicago deep dish pizza. Ryan surprises Cristina, who happens to be a crazy Twins Fan, her own jersey with Joe Mauer's number and her soon to be last name Wintersheimer...that's a mouth full. In fact it was one letter too long so Ryan had to take off an "e" so it would fit.

Before the wedding night we are enjoying a little sun in the courtyard at the hotel.

Getting pretty for the wedding celebration.

Yes! Cristina and Ryan are now married.

4 generations...
mom and daughter...
the newlyweds
the head table
sisters= bridesmaids, matron of honor and bride
dad and me
Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mike Parents of the bride
Aunt Carol, Uncle Doug and Justin (Joshua we missed you)
Uncle Marty and Aunt Julie
bro and sis...Luke's taking notes the next one of these in the fam will be his!
Kelda the dedicated photographer, working her magic once again.
little bro, little sis
table centerpieces with creative famous composer table seating chart, with fun facts on each musician on the back, perfect for the newlywed music teachers. We sat at Aaron Copeland.
Jonathan apparently loves straws.
Kayleigh and Peter. Kayleigh asked Peter if he was married yet and if they could dance ;)
mom and dad love to swing dance
Melena the matron of honor, who gave a great speech and cass
Kelda and her parents..we're glad she's back from Washington for the wedding.
everybody loves grandma

Sami and Peter love to pick on eachother.
just chillin with a beer
it's the end of the night, good bye Cristina enjoy Jamaica on your honeymoon!
What a great night!