Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michael Buble

This past Christmas Peter surprised me with Michael Buble tickets in my stocking.
I have been talking about wanting to go to his concert for over a year and had been stalking his website for tour dates. Finally, he comes to MN but the tickets were kinda spendy and I had heard they sold out. I was bummed but always hopeful for next time.

Little did I know Peter had convinced me they sold out because he had planned to surprise me with the tickets. I opened an envelope addressed to me in my stocking and found out about the surprise to come 3 months later on March 28th. I'll admit I cried a little, not so much because I love Michael Buble, which we all know I do, but because of the thoughtfulness and planning of my husband.

Well that day has come and gone already and I had the best time.
We went to the Melting Pot first and enjoyed a 3 course dinner of fondue.

Then the concert...in one word AMAZING> Buble has the best voice, smooth with a great tone, excellent live and the band was incredible. He entertained us with swing, pop, ballads, jazz, blues and even his Michael Jackson impression and Ferris Bueller's Day Off impression (both very convincing). He spoke in between songs, told stories and is very charming, funny and really makes a connection with the audience.

If he comes back I'm headed for my second Buble concert and next time we'll try for seats of the first floor! Are you in??
Driving to the Melting Pot, I'm very excited!

Dinner was delicious...spinach and artichoke cheese fondue for the first course with veggies, bread and chips for dipping, Bourgenione fondue for our main course with batter and dipping sauces also sushi, lobster, steak, pork, chicken, shrimp and dumplings, for the last course turtle chocolate flambé with strawberries, bananas, brownies, oreo covered marshmallows, graham cracker covered marshmallow, and cheesecake for dipping. And of course some wine.
We are in the balcony but we are directly facing the stage so we have a clear view.

At one point he came to a smaller stage in the middle of the Excel Energy Center.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The First Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are peaking there way up out of the dirt.
We already have a few flowers from some bulbs we planted last fall.
Can't wait to see them all in a few weeks!

Saturdays are about sleeping in...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I smell spring

rain, melting snow
melting ice,
puddles, mud,
patches of brown grass,
more sunlight,
50 degree temps by the weekend
Spring is on the way

Here is a little taste of what's to come...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Strange Day

  • Two different people in different places asked me if I was on the radio this morning and called in to win a contest. Apparently the girl that won was name Cassie and sounded just like me. I wonder what she won...

  • One of my 5 year old students told me that she wasn't wearing any underwear today...too much information!

  • My students painted my feet today. We read "The Foot Book" for Dr. Seuss Week and painted our feet to make foot prints in art class. They were so exited to paint my feet blue.

  • On the way home from work today I almost hit a random opossum that was roaming around on the highway. They are ugly.