Monday, October 28, 2013

Round up Round down

Remember in elementary math class when your teacher taught you to round a number up or round it down. Figuring out what number the decimal makes it closer to if it is more or less than 5.

When it comes to age there is a line when you stop wishing you were older and being excited about that higher number
and start wishing you were younger,
or maybe you are just less likely to shout out to your friends or family "guess what I'm 31 today!"

 Growing up my dad always would round up my age. I'd be 12 and turning 13 in 6 months and dad would tell someone, "oh my daughter is a teenager, shes 13."
I'd  be 24 and turning 25 in a week and he'd already be saying I was 25, always rounding up.
It started to become a joke, "Dad, stop rounding up dad, I'm still only 24!"

The day after turning the next age I was already considered a year older.

Then he'd give you a random age based statistic, "when you are 40 I'll be 63, when I'm 80 you'll be 57 and the latest now that we have baby Oliver... when he graduates from high school I'll be 72 and you'll be 49." Ok thanks dad, for telling me how old I am and how old I'm gonna be.

Last year I turned 30 and I told my dad it's time to stop rounding up, time to start rounding down, don't be rounding me up closer to 40 any quicker than I have to get there on my own.  So now it's our joke we are rounding down.

Dad wished me happy 28th birthday.

For a second I thought he forgot how old I was and got confused.  But then he reminded me,  remember... we are rounding down now.
 that's right!
I think I'd like to turn 28 a few more times.
thanks dad

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