Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Five Year Old Food For Thought

Where do they come up with this stuff!

" I like everybody... only I don't like robbers."

"Grandmas and Grandpas don't go to school they go to church."

"You wouldn't want to have a food fight with a crab...because he would win."

"Did you know that my dad eats spiders...not the big ones just the littler ones."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paris and Giverny France

Please, may I go back!?

Second times a charm!



First Time

second times the charm...

Over spring break we went through the tough process of ripping up old stick tile floor and subfloor. Then laying down 1 1/2 inch unfinished hardwood floor in our kitchen. After that we had to sand it and add poly to it. It was the longest 4 days ever!

Peter was the hammer guy and nailer guy. I was the puzzle girl, I layed each piece of wood before he got there and tried to fit it exactly so that we didn't have to cut the wood. It became a little game trying to fit the wood.

It's interesting to see how these projects bring Peter and I together. The accoplishment of finishing something and improving something that we did together. Each of us were important in the process.

Well, now it's time for a break... no more projects for awhile! After our 4 days of hard work over spring break we (mainly Peter) decided that water based poly didn't match the rest of the of the floor in our house enough and oil poly would be better. So this past Thursday night we sanded the floor again, and put down poly again... this time 12 hour drying time between each coat, 3 coats total.

Finally on Saturday night the house was done.

Furniture back, saw dust cleaned up through out the house...

now it's time for a rest

or maybe a vacation.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I love spring!

The daffodils are bright, yellow and ready for summer.

I am getting excited to start my new hobby, as of last summer... gardening.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We are having babies!!

Baby bunnies....that is...

On Friday night Peter and I were sitting out on our deck enjoying the fresh night air with a beer or 2 when our little dog Max decided to bark and stare at the outside corner of our deck down in our garden. Peter and I just assumed that Max was seeing maybe a little frog or something in our garden. Max was persistant and would not leave so Peter finally decided to get the flash light and show Max nothing was there. With the flashlight's help he notices a pile of straw untop of the garden mulch and something that looks like pulled out fur. So he decides to reach his hand in and pulls it back out super fast because he felt something moving...first of all who sticks their hand into something like that with out knowing what it is...eeww!

After pulling out his hand this time he gets a stick to pull back the coverings to get a good look at the creatures. Luckily the critters turn out to be cute little bunnies cuddled up in a little hole covered with straw and fur. They had fur and their eyes were open, they were soo adorable.
We were sure not to touch them because we didn't want the mother to abandon them and not cotinue to feed them.

Funny thing is these are the little babies of the bunny I had been shooing out of my gardens all last summer.
I guess I'm not that intimidating.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Guys

Classroom Pets

I'll be glad when this unit is over...

2 left

We are now down to two. As long as these 2 little fishys make it till May it'll all be good.
Going from 10 to 2...no one has noticed yet or at least no Kindergartener has commented yet.
I guess 13 cent replacements don't cut it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unexpected Package

A month ago I ordered 25 fish, 10 pond snails, duckweed, algae and daphnia for a classroom aquarium. Finally, I got the package... excited faces were watching as I pulled out the critters for the aquarium.

Pond Snails...check
fish, platys to be exact...check...oh crap

25 dead life less fish in a bag... 5 year old curious faces, "oh teacher, I think the fish are sleeping"

"Yep, that's probably it..." (quickly put fish back in the box...note to self make a trip to Petco for some fish after school)

I bought 10 fish at Petco. The next day only one student said..."How come the fish look different today teacher?"

Monday 4 were dead, now I'm down to 6.

Tuesday 2 more hit the great blue yonder of the toilet bowl..

Now I'm down to 4...

Please fish could you live a little longer! So far the Kindergarteners have not noticed...
It's all good.