Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just A Thought

Ok here it goes, I don't like to get political on facebook or things like this and I'm just like anyone that gets annoyed when people go off about politics or religion in forms like these.

But I do have to vent and then I'll shut up.

Everyone is up in arms about what to do and what not to do when it comes to health care.

"I don't want health care to change", "I do want it", "I'm pissed about Obama care", "I need Obama care."

Whatever your stance may be until you've had a time with out health care and have a health crisis OR

have a preexisting condition and can't get care OR

 as in my case need a prescription drug/drugs that aren't covered by my insurance so I'm forced to pay  for it full price out of pocket and let's just say it's insane.

Who knows, maybe the problem with our health care isn't just all the insurance companies maybe it's also the drug/pharmaceutical companies that are allowed to charge such high prices for medication and are making significant profits on our need to be healthy.

There will always be a demand for medicine and what's to stop them from charging the highest prices possible- so no one can't tell me that our health care system doesn't need reform unless you want to pay for my medicine that isn't covered under my insurance.

And the tricky thing is, I have great health care,

I am blessed to be insured

and I know there are people who aren't

or can't afford it

or don't take care of their health because the cost is too much.

Truth is... I'll complain about the expensive medicine but I'll still buy it,

 I'll still do what needs to be done... and take care of myself and luckily I have the means to do it.

It makes me empathize with those who don't... and who this wouldn't even be an option.
They just wouldn't be able to get the medicine they need.

In this country we are so quick to shut something down based on which "political side" it comes from or worry about how it will affect ME negatively because I have great health care,  or I can afford it and it doesn't pertain to ME.

Maybe you don't have an issue with your health care but if we stretch our compassion or empathy to those less fortunate then us we may see how it isn't fair and even though I'm "ok" there are people who aren't and something needs to be done.

I'm not saying I know what the answer is. I'm not saying that either side knows how to solve it or is even solving it right.

But we have to admit that this current system isn't great and while you might not have a personal issue with it,
there are people that do and shouldn't we be thinking beyond our front door?