Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's the deal with all the pregnancy comparisons?


Kate vs Kim vs Cassie

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What's the deal with all the pregnancy comparisons in magazines lately? 

I mean really
what pregnant lady wants to be compared to another.
I know magazines like US and People thrive off of "who wore it best" but comparing two pregnant
ladies that aren't even wearing the same thing and have completely different body types, why?

First of all, every women "shows" differently and even from pregnancy to pregnancy
women are different.

Are people really talking about Kim Kardashian's weight gain?

I admit I don't understand fully why she's famous and I've never been a fan of her
reality show but I would NEVER make fun of or comment on her pregnancy weight gain, I'd be
more worried if she was not eating and nutritiously feeding her baby and instead worrying about
keeping some figure status.

Then people are ragging on the type of clothes she is wearing while pregnant and how they might
not be flattering on her growing size. Really?

I've yet to find pregnancy clothes that are entirely flattering on me, or that I just feel wonderful in, it's a weird time with all the ways your body is changing.
I think having a beach ball
sticking out your front doesn't lead to the cutest fashion at all times.
I think when you are pregnant you just do the best you can to still feel good about how you look.

I guess it bothers me that these sort of magazines, (even though I admit I often read them, I'm guilty), try to pit women against each other comparing women only on their physical appearances.
Let's just let two pregnant
people be pregnant and not over analyze how they are showing or what they are wearing,

I'm just wishing them a happy healthy pregnancy
and am sure glad there are no magazines following me and questioning
or debating my pregnancy weight gain or style.  phew!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mean People

Here's a random thought for ya...

Have you ever seen that bumper sticker


something tells me that if you have that bumper sticker
you probably aren't a nice person because nice people would
say "oh I can't put that on my car it's too mean" and would
feel MEAN actually putting that message on their car...

so it's probably not a nice or maybe even a mean person that would take the time
to purchase and stick on a bumper sticker saying that anyone sucks...

so therefore is the person with the MEAN PEOPLE SUCK sticker
trying to give a public service announcement
and tell us...
 "watch out there's a mean person driving here and I might happen to suck."

just sayin'

I've Got Vegas on my Mind

Thinking back to the last week of March...
Not long ago we were enjoying 70's and 80's at the pool in Vegas.
Now we are enjoying?? inches of snow and high 30's, only in MN.
But there's a silver lining 50 degrees coming this weekend, cross your fingers.

With the spring we've had a "Spring Break" was needed and
after a slight panic yet excitement of "we might not go on a vacation ever again, we are really having a baby! Ah!"
a trip away was all well worth it.

Peter tried blackjack and won $50 bucks.
We weren't so lucky at the slots so that's really all the gambling we did.
We spent each day by the pool, walked all up and down the strip, ate great food, explored downtown Vegas and all the elaborate casinos, admired the Bellagio fountains and garden, and
saw Illusionist Kriss Angels show.  Good times.