Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crazy Lady Status

So it's happened...

I've officially reached Crazy Lady status.
After taking care of our sick little baby the past few's happened.

You know that lady wandering around dressed funny, talking to herself, yep pretty sure that's me.

So it started with my thoughtful husband mentioning to me that is was "really windy" outside today.

I took that NOT as any normal person would and wear a light jacket but as a crazy lady...

I had on my knit snow hat, my long down winter coat, a scarf, my blue gloves, my UGGs (for extra warmth), I was ready for a blizzard.
Got into the car, drove to Target, looked around at all the busy people getting their last minute
Easter purchases and they were all wearing shorts or short sleeves
but no snow hat, scarf over their face and boots.
I wouldn't have been surprised if I saw someone coming out in a swim suit the way these "normal" people were dressed.
I take out my phone and look at the temp it's gonna be 66 degrees today and I'm dressed for -66.

Why don't I just take off my coat, well I left in a rush and I'm wearing only a nursing tank top under here, no one wants to see that.  well just take off your hat, well now the hair is looking more crazy
with out the hat, better keep it covered.
So I'll just be quick- and warm... cuz now I'm sweating under all this gear.

So I check out fast, only got a few looks from the guy in shorts and a t shirt, I nod, maybe he didn't hear about the blizzard coming today.

I get out to the parking lot and of course since I'm the crazy lady, and we don't remember so well...
I forgot where I parked my car.  So now my plan of not being noticed isn't going so well as the lady in full snow gear (that's me) is weaving her cart franticallly inbetween the rows of cars at Target, talking to herself about the status of "no car."

Well, I must not have been too inconspicuious because a fellow crazy lady looked up at me and sang sweetly
"oh where, oh where, did my little car go?"

I nodded and said "that's exactly how I'm feeling." She understood, all us crazy ladies stick together. By the grace of God, soon after I found my car, all the way across the parking lot from where I was talking to my fellow crazy lady.

ahhhhh, relief- now I can get home and start removing all these layers.

Well if being a mom turns me into a crazy lady sometimes, I can take it.
Crazy Ladies Unite! hehe

Sure hope this little peanut feels better soon.

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