Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ingman Photography Maternity Photo Shoot!

Maternity Photos

Taken by the lovely Anne Ingman of Ingman Photography   Check her out!

She is a fabulous photographer who happens to be our sister, lucky us :)

Photos are taken at the beautiful Minnehaha Falls Park.

Copyright © 2013 Ingman Photography, All Rights Reserved

I told Anne today that I haven't felt very pretty in pregnancy with all the
body changes, stretch marks, hormones and just all over weird changes
that as a first time mom I didn't expect.

But when I look at these photos I do feel beautiful, so thanks for 
capturing such a special time in our lives. It's such a blessing 
and I'm still so amazed that Peter and I get to experience all of it.

P.S. it's our first due date today, we were given two, but no baby as of yet...

Copyright © 2013 Ingman Photography, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, August 18, 2013

So Very Pregnant

Whoa, it's 39 weeks and only 5 more days until 40 weeks or 4 more days if you count the two
due dates of August 22nd and/or August 23rd we were given.

But let's face it, this journey could go another week or so, no guarantees.

I haven't blow dried or styled my hair in over a month, it's just too hot.
I can only really reach my knees,  so they are nicely shaved, forget about the rest.
I've broken a world record for night time bathroom breaks.
I've eaten at least two full watermelons by not in one sitting :)
On the up side I love the table my belly gives me to set my small stand up mirror on to do my make up, quite convenient.
I also have perfected the pregnant lady waddle.

I am so ready for this baby to come out.

Anytime now

would be great


P.S. so excited :)