Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning turkey hair :) hehe

Where's the other bag? Better get out the flashlight.
Our fan club, watching us cook, cheering us on.
Larissa, she was awesome and helped out in the kitchen.

Yes! It worked let's carve this thing.

Time to eat~

This is me, super grateful.
Now that's a pretty table.

I am so thankful that we survived our first Thanksgiving hosting experience.

I am thankful that even though we only took one bag of innards out of our turkey we did find the other bag in the neck before cooking it too long... oops.

I am thankful that we figured out (with the help of Kris and Jim) that our turkey was upside down as we were cooking it before it cooked too long that way.

I am thankful that making stuffing from scratch was easier than expected.

I am thankful that our warming drawer made it easier to "time" all the food to be "eating ready" at the same time.

I am thankful that we had enough food for everyone and are still eating left overs 4 days later.

I am thankful that everyone fit around our dining table and that we had a finished family room to fit everyone in. (thanks Peter)

I am thankful that everyone enjoyed the food and stayed a while to play games and watch football.

I am thankful for the great prayer and sharing of what we are thankful for that we explained around the dinner table.

I am thankful that everyone didn't laugh too hard about my "Thanksgiving facts" that I made, 1 for everyone to read and try to answer as we went around the table. (it's the teacher in me :)

I am thankful for Cousin Larissa that helped in the kitchen and Cousin Jenessa that was super with clean up help. Thanks girls.

I am thankful for Peter, he was awesome, getting out the flashlight to look inside to turkey to see where the other missing bag was, basting it every 3o minutes, carving it for the first time, jumping right in with clean up...we were a good team.

I am thankful that it is over and we made it work.

Last but not least I am thankful for family, all my family, for those that joined us, for those that gave us advice on how to make thanksgiving dinner and stopped by to check on us, for those that were celebrating in other places- I am thankful for all of you!