Friday, April 29, 2011

U is for Underwear

As some of you may know I teach Kindergarten.
As you can imagine I hear lots of little comments and stories that make me laugh on a daily basis.

Well today was no exception.

We were painting during Art and listening to a C.D.
The song playing was a song that sings about the letter sounds.
As we get to the letter U the song says "U, uh, uh, uh, underwear"
Of course the kids laugh because, well didn't you know... underwear is hilarious when you are 5.

So as any teacher would say I just shrug my shoulders and say "It's no big deal, we all wear underwear, just like we all wear clothes."

Then one of the little boys in my class looks up at me and smiles,

"Nuh uh, Mrs. Lindberg, sometimes I don't wear any, I go... Canadian."

Who knew those Canadians didn't wear underwear...??? hehe

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This past March I had the pleasure of traveling to Arizona to spend time with family.
Peter and I went to visit Kris and Jim with Anne and Jake.
It as such a wonderful trip and I especially enjoyed seeing Arizona for the first time.
I was surprised that I could handle the heat,
with out the humidity of Minnesota, 80's and 90's weren't so rough.
We saw beautiful scenery even in the desert.
All the cactus and the unique vegetation of the desert.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Little Brother is Getting Married

On June 12th my little brother is getting married.

The same little brother that wore a cowboy outfit complete with a cowboy hat to school each day for a year in 2nd grade and then army clothes with a helmet to school everyday for a year in 3rd grade. (to his defense he wasn't the only boy that did that in his class, it was kinda a theme for a few of them)
The same little brother that once got into the bathtub fully clothed shoes and all and splashed around all while mom was running the bath water for him getting ready for his bath.
The same little brother that used to hide his homework in his underwear drawer. If you hide it, the teacher doesn't know you didn't hand it in.
The same little brother that used to walk out to the shed each evening with me to feed our pet rabbits and we would sing songs together at the top of out lungs the whole time.
The same little brother I once convinced to go inside the rabbit cage to see if he fit, he did.... and of course I had to lock him in for a few minutes because it was so funny.
The same little brother that used to make forts with me in the woods, we had a whole little city only we knew about.
The same little brother that walked onto the newly frozen ice with out our parents permission at Grandma's on Lake Minnetonka and broke through the ice.
The same little brother that went out on the rope swing over the lake fully clothed and couldn't get back to the rocks so he came into the house soaked in his clothes from head to toe.
The same little brother that crashed a friends jet ski into his own fishing boat creating a huge dent while showing off for some girls.
The same little brother that once accidentally drove through a corn field and took out 30 yards of corn before stopping. Then walked the rest of the way home to tell mom only to come back and find cop cars and police men searching the field for an injured driver.
I have so many great stories all about my little brother and now he's all grown up.
boy... has he made me smile over the years.

My little brother is hilarious, creative, smart, musical, determined and unique and I am so happy that he found someone who loves him for him.

I am so proud of him for graduating this year, for starting his career in the army band, for making plans to move somewhere new and for starting a new life with his future wife Jenna.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thinking Forward to Summer

With this wonderful spring weather we were treated with this weekend,
I was inspired to spend time outside and also look back at some old pictures.
These beautiful garden photos are from Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis.
There is the most amazing and beautiful garden,
past the falls over by Minnehaha creek and close to Dairy Queen.
These shots remind me of what's to come here in MN after a very very very snowy 4 months of winter.