Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Art Art

My cousin Melena is a visual artist.

She paints using a canvas, plastic bags and layers of colors. Adding on colors and letting them run together, wait for it to dry and add the next layer. She also uses brush work to add detail.

This is a non artist (me) trying to explain these "interesting, vibrant and powerful paintings", and probably not doing Melena's process justice, if you are interested in how she does it from the artists words herself here is her link to her website....

Anyways, I went to her senior show back in our college days and was always very impressed with her style and unique abstract quality of her paintings, as that is the style of art I prefer. She is still painting and showing her work on

She was kind enough to make a painting for Peter and I and it is proudly hanging in our family room down stairs. I highly recommend purchasing a painting from this wonderful artist, (who happens to be related to me :) )
I know I'm happy I did.